Absolutely. We have a number of program graduates who didn't get in the first time they applied.
There are a few titles that are officially at an equivalent level to assistant director titles. If you're not sure, e-mail us at aofw@gsu.edu and ask.

If your title isn't on the list, however, we must say no. While we recognize that many women that have supervisory responsibilities do not have an assistant director title, we have no way to sort out titles and responsibilities for every single applicant. Please considering applying for our Women's Mentoring Program instead, which does not have any title restrictions.

Please submit your application without the letter, and e-mail us at aofw@gsu.edu to let us know it's missing and when to expect it. We will need all of your letters submitted before Jan. 9, 2017, when we notify applications who are moving on to the interview stage.
You are - we welcome Perimeter college applicants. Please be aware that much of the program takes place on the downtown campus, and plan to travel accordingly.