About Us

AofW was established in 1999 by President Carl Patton and Provost Ron Henry to support the advancement of women faculty, administrators, and staff in academic and administrative leadership positions within the university.

The goal of the Advancement of Women (AofW) Steering Committee is to enhance collective efforts to improve the status of women at Georgia State University.

The mission of the Advancement of Women (AofW) Committee is to provide information on the status of women and to assist unit, college and university administrators in advancing female staff to senior leadership positions.

The AofW functions include maintaining a database of information about the:

  • status of female faculty and staff and annual reporting of such information;
  • policies and procedures that impact advancement of female faculty and staff;
  • development and implementation of programs that provide opportunities for mentoring, education, and training.

AofW is made up of an all women steering committee, which includes the following members:

  • Renee Bazemore, Director, Alumni Association
  • Dr. Cheryl Jester-George, Senior Director of Admissions, Law
  • Renata Irving, Creative Director, PR & Marketing Communications
  • Jennifer Moore, Associate Director, Rialto Center for the Arts
  • Elisha Jarrett, Associate Director, Student Advisement Center
  • Shantina Knox, Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions, RCB Graduate Recruiting & Student Services
  • Nedra Newton-Rosario, Director of Development Research, Development Resources